DSC - Digital Selective Calling

Digital Selective Calling has become an integral part of marine VHF Communication. Here we give an overview of how it works, what is does and the issues that affect you

ICOM IC-M91D_in water

Find out more about Digital Selective Calling (DSC)

Are you sailing through inland waterways in Europe this year? If so, you may need an ATIS capable VHF radio with a valid ATIS code

14-6875 MA-500TR AIS ICOM

AIS (Automatic Identification System) was created over twenty years ago as a navigation aid for use in busy waters....

What is HF?

HF/SSB radio plays an important part in maritime communications; it provides mariners with a viable and effective form of communication over long distances

Marine VHF Guide

You need a licence for a VHF on a boat and a different one for the operator. Here you can find out how to apply and which licenses are relevant for you

Seavoice Training ICOM marine radio FAQs

Learn how VHF works, the basics behind the frequencies you see on your radio and what can make handheld batteries very inefficient and fixed sets close down