These days there are some truly fantastic apps for sailors and boaters. From weather and tides forecast, route planners and marine traffic, to knot guides and real time language translation, we pick 10 of our favourite ones


AyeTides app

This popular app provides users with tables of daily and future tides and interactive graphs for over 12,500. It also provides information on sunrise and moon rise. It does not require a network connection. Available on iOS and iPad. £7.99

Garmin Activecaptain

Garmin ActiveCaptain app

Garmin Activecaptain connects to Garmin chartplotter, charts, maps, provides unlimited access to the user’s cartography. It also connects to the ActiveCaptain community to share information on routes, marinas and much more. It allows the user to create routes, save them and transfer them between the app and chartplotter. Can upload and download the latest Garmin Quickdraw Contours content from the community. Available on Android and IOS. Free + in app purchases.




Navionics app

A superb and popular sailing and cruising app. Users can access nautical charts with tides and currents, informations on marinas and ports, see and create Sonar charts, share information with other users, locate fishing areas and more. Annual fees and subscription depending on location applies (UK, Ireland and Holland £32.99). Available on Android and iOS.

Knot Guide

Knot Guide app

Easy to follow knot guide with step-by-step guide and instructions and plenty of knot types to choose from. Free. iOS and Android.

GRIBView by Theyr

Theyr Weather app

High resolution weather forecast built on precise data from 10km down to 1km resolution on an hourly time step. Free global forecast data with overview of the oncoming weather. Can be downloaded for offline use which offer free offline charts with no need for internet connection. It was used during the 2018 Round The Island Race. Available on iOS, Android and iPad. Subscription $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.



Windfinder Pro

windfinder pro app

Detailed information on wind, tides and weather forecast in over 8,000 locations around the world. Animated maps for temperature and precipitations. Topographic maps and satellite images. £4.99. Available on Android and iOS.

Transas iSailor

Transas ISailor

Created for amateur boaters,  Transas iSailor provides navigation information and electronic charts. It offers wind and tides forecast, information on marinas and routes, sailing guides and plenty more navigational features. Free to download, plus in app purchases. Available on Android and iOS.


DROTR translation app

Not created specifically for sailing but DROTR is very useful when travelling as it translates voice calls, text messages, documents and conference calls in several languages in real time. Users can save files and download conversations. Available for iOS and Android.



Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic app

Marine Traffic displays the locations of yachts and ships in quasi real time. It covers major ports and shipping routes and is connected to the largest network of AIS receivers. £4.99 plus in app purchases costs. Available on iOS and Android.


NaviPlotter app

Navigational charts, trip and route planning tools, real time tracking, weather and tides forecast, moon and sun times, live AIS vessel positions, marine vector charts and more. Available on iOS and Apple Watch. Free to download. In app purchases apply.